Monday, October 5, 2009

Spaghetti With Spicy Parmesan Meatballs

I love a good pasta dinner every once in awhile and of course, when you have spaghetti, you just have to have meatballs. These can be a bit spicy but they are so good.


  • 3/4 Cup corn flakes (finely crushed)

  • 1 Lb ground beef

  • 1/4 Cup grated parmesan cheese

  • 3/4 Tsp. Italian seasoning

  • 1/4 Tsp. garlic powder

  • 1 (7 Oz.) can tomato sauce

  • 2 Tbsp. finely chopped green pepper

  • 2 Tbsp. finely chopped onion

  • 1 (14 fl oz)Can diced tomatoes

  • 1/8 Tsp. cayenne pepper

  • 6 oz Uncooked spaghetti

  • Additional grated Parmesan cheese

  • Chopped fresh parsley (optional)

In large bowl, mix crushed cereal, ground beef, 1/4 cup (50 mL) cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic powder and 1/4 cup of the tomato sauce until well blended. Shape into sixteen 1 1/2-inch meatballs.

Spray large skillet with non-stick cooking spray. Cook meatballs in skillet over medium heat 8 to 10 minutes, turning occasionally, until browned. Drain if necessary. Add green pepper and onions and cook on medium heat 2 minutes.

Add remaining tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and cayenne pepper to meatballs; turn meatballs to coat. Cover; cook over medium-low heat 15 to 20 minutes, stirring sauce and turning meatballs occasionally, until meatballs are thoroughly cooked and no longer pink in centre.

Meanwhile, cook and drain pasta as directed on package. Serve meatballs over pasta. Top each serving with additional Parmesan cheese and parsley.

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