Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Back

A little over a year ago, I ran a blog called "Byte Me" and it tended to be a little on the controversial side. I was a staunch supporter of the protestors in Caledonia (I still am to a degree) but only if it were done in a non violent way. Sometimes though things do get out of hand and well I guess you know where this leads.

This new blog I have endeavoured to undertake will be about this and that (jokes, pictures, every day life, etc.) but I will not be doing any of the political nonsense that most bloggers in Southern Ontario seem to think is neccessary to survive. There are enough of that type of thing already. I've had my fill of the McHales, and Parkinsons and the rest of that shite to last me a life time. My buddy Frank (aka Jafo) can take care of that end of it.

So starting in September, (not exactly sure which day. That will be up to my Dr.) I will be adding some bits of wisdom (or as close to wisdom as I can possibly get from this painkiller induced piece of grey matter) and carrying-ons and whatever happens to cross my path.

If you are a Hamilton resident with a passion for the C.F.L., don't forget to cheer on our beloved Ti-Cats on Mondays Labour Day Classic game against those pathetic Argos. Game time is 7:30 P.M. on T.S.N. (15 on the dial/remote if you are on Cogeco)

Remember...."ARGOS SUCK"

Now that I'm coming back, I felt the following vid appropriate. Enjoy.

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