Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hamiltons Center Mall Takes A Step Backward

The oldest known enclosed shopping mall in Canada is almost completely gone. Hamiltons Center Mall has been undergoing major renovations for the past few months. It is slated to be completed within the next 2 years. I think it stinks.

The Center Mall was originally an open court mall. You shop in one store, go outside to get to the next store. In the 1960's, common sense took over and all the stores were connected making it one big indoor mall with additions being added over the next few years. Seniors could shop without fear of having been forced out in bad weather.

Flash ahead to 2008 and what happens? New stores are being built closer to Barton and Kenilworth Streets. The original mall is being torn down. You will end up going from store to store outside "again". The developers have taken a giant step backward. Can we say "ASSININE"?

While I wanted to get my chance to say how I felt, I never did. While watching CHCH T.V. 11 news last night, my niece and her daughter ended up on one of their items about the mall. Way to go Jodi.


Teena in Toronto said...

I dunno if I've ever been there ...

I rarely get to Hamilton.

Ed said...

I remember when it was an all open mall. Was hard to get to some of the stores in the winter. Now they're going backwards and making it the way it was in 1968. Hard to manouver around.

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